GHICA Innovative Law Firm | What set us apart
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What set us apart


At GHICA Innovative Law Firm we strive to make your company healthier, more sustainable, create future value and growth through innovative business and legal solutions that matter to you.

We put the needs of our clients at the heart of our thinking and everything we do is DRIVEN BY EXCELLENCE and FIND A WAY THROUGH. We are agile, inventive and determined to navigate our clients through today’s complex, dynamic and uncertain business environment.

GHICA’s YARDSTICK OF QUALITY is second to none in our markets. For us quality is not an act it is a habit, with significant investments in learning and development for our people at all levels.

In our DNA firm culture and approach to client service is our strong BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL FOCUS. We understand the gap between the numbers and world of law and that the right legal advice is crucial to our clients’ business decisions.

Our in-depth knowledge of international and local legal, regulatory and commercial issues helps our clients make effective and informed decisions. GHICA provides a level of EXPERTISE not extensively delivered in your jurisdictions.

We honor our commitments with INTEGRITY, no-short cuts or compromises. The highest ethical standards have always been a cornerstone of our firm culture.

CLIENT-CENTRED focus makes us to put our clients first and we are always responsive to your needs, priorities and pressures. We understand your perspective and show that we think and care about your concerns as much as you do.