GHICA Innovative Law Firm | Our Team
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Our Team


With expert local knowledge and a track record at the INTERNATIONAL LEGAL AND BUSINESS LEVEL, our lawyers provide top-tier advice and client service across CEE and SEE.

Rationales and theories are only useful when they benefit businesses in practice. We differentiate ourselves in a changing market by giving our lawyers NEW SKILLS – hard and soft ones – through MBA DEGREES from top business schools in the world.

Our lawyers trained in law and business can offer to you MORE THAN JUST LEGAL ADVICE, and compete successfully with traditional firms and market entrants alike. This new breed of our corporate lawyers will have MORE INSIGHT INTO BUSINESSES by bringing a combination of business awareness and legal knowledge to in-house legal departments and the wider business community.

We are ENTREPRENEURS OURSELVES, so we know and understand better the risks and benefits that come with developing business ideas in the region. We have worked on many matters that have broken new ground, offering extensive first-to-market experience, particularly for high-growth startups, entrepreneurs and investors. With our legal, management knowledge and sector-specific experience, we know how to GET THINGS DONE and moving in your direction.