GHICA Innovative Law Firm | GHICA Innovative Law Firm joined IABLF
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GHICA Innovative Law Firm joined IABLF

IABLF is a strongly motivated organization, on the verge to put in practice an exclusivist communication concept; the scope is to build a strong networking and cross-promo platform for international legal matters.

“IABLF is a business opportunity that answers a need. Ghica Boutique Law Firm has globally represented clients, in different law systems. As a consequence, we were often motivated to work with international law firms. But finding a boutique law firm with impeccable credentials, when and where you need it can be quite a challenge. Where can you find it? Who can provide recommendations? Does it fit our clients’ standards? IABLF presents the solution to this challenge. IABLF members are boutique law firms highly reputed and intently specialized in several law areas, all around the world” Cristina Ghica, IABLF President, explains.

IABLF offers each member the possibility to fill in the most important information about the boutique law firm, as well as the option to upload press releases with the latest news. Through the profile, all members have access to the communication platform, specially created to discuss legal matters encountered in international systems of law.

A client of an IABLF member can enjoy the advantages of a global presence in all areas of the law, without sacrificing the personal attention that a boutique law firm offers for its clients.

Cristina Ghica: “IABLF is not an organization a lawyer or law firm can join by paying a fee. IABLF thoughtfully reviews the qualifications of each potential member and invites only those who represent the highest level of knowledge, experience and reputation. Each member carries credentials comparable or superior to those one can be found at the highest-ranking full-service law firms and proposes legal representation without the insulating layers of intermediate attorneys between the client and senior lawyer or partner, and without the concomitant exorbitant billing rates.”

IABLF aims to have at least 50 members by the end of the year, as part of a well thought promotional campaign, both in Romania and abroad. The organization has huge potential and can easily become a flagship for boutique law firms all around the world.


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