GHICA Innovative Law Firm | Compliance, Risk Management and Sensitive Investigations
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Compliance, Risk Management and Sensitive Investigations

Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving across sectors and around the world. As transparency rises in importance and the costs of non-compliance with laws and regulations increase, businesses everywhere strive to adapt to the growing pressure from regulatory bodies. Our clients come to us to understand their responsibilities, manage risk and lessen the impact of complex regulatory regimes on their transactions or day-to-day business operations.

While risk is inherent in business, it can be amplified for investors doing business outside familiar terrain. We help decision-makers properly assess and manage risk exposure in CEE/SEE regions. Our strengths include cross-border capabilities, a multi-disciplinary approach, deep knowledge of the region’s anti-corruption laws and culture, familiarity with regional enforcement trends and proficiency in dealing with local authorities.

To address risk proactively, we offer a comprehensive package of services including risk-based due diligence and corporate compliance programmes. We act on behalf of clients in sensitive investigations, enforcement proceedings and cross-border actions and represent individuals as well as domestic and international companies at all stages of criminal procedures.

Anti-bribery and related legislation

Internal Investigations

Enforcement Proceedings

Data Protection, Anti-trust and employment law implications

Risk Assessment of Operations

Public Relations and Crissis Communication

Corporate Compliance Programmes